– Spring/Summer 2017

Navigating pan-Africanisms: On the Chimurenga Library

Emily Pethick, Avery Gordon, Kodwo Eshun

The Chimurenga Library, 2015, installation view. Co-curated by Chimurenga, The Otolith Collective and The Showroom. Photo- Daniel Brooke. Courtesy Chimurenga.

Chimurenga, in its own words, is a project-based mutable object: a print magazine, a publisher, a broadcaster, a workspace, a platform for editorial and curatorial activities and an online resource. Based in Cape Town, it operates through different media, from the pan-African print gazette Chronic and online broadcasts of the Pan African Space Station (PASS) to its ongoing function as a mobile site of education and research. From 8 October–21 December 2015, Ntone Edjabe, Chimurenga’s editor-in-chief, Graeme Arendse, art director and designer, and Ben Verghese, producer, presented ‘The Chimurenga Library’ at The Showroom, London on the invitation of Kodwo Eshun and Anjalika Sagar of The Otolith Collective and Emily