– Autumn/Winter 2015

Park McArthur: Geometry, Material, Scale

Andrew Blackley

Park McArthur, Ramps, 2014. Installation view, ESSEX STREET, New York. Photograph: Adam Reich. Courtesy the artist and ESSEX STREET


Some things refute beginning or end. Upon encounter, we come to know them only partially; either they or we are continually in the interim. One artwork of this kind is Carried & Held, which happens to be the first by Park McArthur that I became aware of, as part of the exhibition ‘Maintenance Required’ at The Kitchen in New York in 2013.1 The work continues to change every time it is installed or otherwise presented, and as such has remained present as one subtext of McArthur’s practice in the years since, often acting as a lens through which to view concurrent works.

At The Kitchen, Carried & Held took the form of a vertical wall caption. The label listed the title of the work, the year of its realisation (2013), the medium (flatbed UV print on museum board) and the courtesy line. The courtesy line included the artist’s name followed by Margaret Herman, Alexandra McArthur, John McArthur, Walker Herman, Mary Herman, Gayle McArthur... and, by that point in 2013, some two hundred others who have carried or held the artist’s body. At the time of writing, the work lists over 250 individuals.2


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